Terms & Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions, references to "you", "user" shall mean the end user/customer accessing the website, its contents and using the services offered through the website. References to the “website”, "Maison", “maisonbd.com”,"we", "us" and "our" shall mean the website and/or Maison

The contents set out herein form an electronic record in terms of তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি আইন, ২০০৬ (Information & Communication Technology Act, 2006) and rules there under as applicable and as amended from time to time. As such, this document does not require any physical or digital signatures and forms a valid and binding agreement between the Website and the User.

1.      Your Account and Responsibilities

Any person may access the Website either by registering to the Website or using the Website as a guest. However, a guest user may not have access to all sections of the Website including certain benefits/promotional offers, which shall be reserved only for the purpose of registered users, and which may change from time to time at the sole discretion of the Website.

If you wish to register your account with the Website, you shall be required to create an account by registering with a valid Bangladeshi mobile number and/or with your Facebook account or your email address or by filling in the details prescribed in the Website registration form. You will then receive a password with which you can login to the website to place orders.

The Website may be inaccessible for such purposes as it may, at its sole discretion deem necessary, including but not limited to regular maintenance. However, under no circumstances will Maison be held liable for any losses or claims arising out of such inaccessibility to the users and the users shall expressly waive any claims against Maison in this regard.

2.      Copyright

The material (including the content, and any other content, software or services) contained are the property of MARS Retail Limited. No material on this site may be copied, reproduced, republished, installed, posted, transmitted, stored or distributed without written permission from MARS Retail Limited.

3.      Return Policy

A user may return any product during the time of delivery, or within 7 days if:

·         Product does not meet user’s expectation.

·         Found damaged during delivery.

·         Have doubt about the product quality and quantity.

·         Received in an unhealthy/ unexpected condition.

·         Is not satisfied with the packaging.

·         Finds product unusable.

4.      Refund Policy

Maison tries its best to serve the users. But if under any circumstances, we fail to fulfill our commitment or to provide the service, we will notify you within 24 hours via phone/ text/ email. If the service, that Maison fails to complete, requires any refund, it will be done within maximum of 10 Days after our acknowledgement.

Refund requests will be processed under mentioned situation:

·         Unable to serve with any product.

·         Customer returns any product from a paid order.

5.      Delivery Period and Acceptance

In the absence to the agreement to the contrary, the period of delivery begins at the latest of the following moments:

·         Date of the order confirmation

·         Date of fulfillment of all technical, commercial and financial requirements on the part of the buyer

·         Date on which we received the down payment of the products and/or a letter of credit to our benefit has been opened.

·         Delivery dates given in our order confirmation and/or written correspondence are estimated delivery dates and nonbinding otherwise confirmed by us in writing.

·         The deadline is met when the articles are declared to be ready for delivery or when the delivery item has left the factory before the delivery period ends. If and in so far the goods fail to be dispatched at the agreed time for reasons not attributable to us, the agreed delivery time shall be considered to have been met at the day on which the goods are notified to be ready for dispatch.

6.      Payment Method

All our products are delivered by Cash on Delivery method.

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